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What to expect from a family holiday in Lake Como, Italy

Not sure what to expect from a family holiday in Lake Como? This video from an amazing American family (check them out here: www.instagram.com/iz.harris) really showcases what Lake Como has to offer, even when it's raining in the off-season! They visited Lake Como in...

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Cycling holiday on Lake Como, Italy

A Cycling holiday is one of the best ways to see Lake Como. The pace lends itself to exploring places cars whizz past, barely noticing the beauty hiding behind the corners of the road. And cycling with a group of friends, staying in a private villa, where you can take...

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Your relaxing boating holiday around Lake Como

Ferries or Boats, the best way to see Lake Como, is from the water. Dramatic vistas, snow capped mountain ranges falling into the lake, sunsets, sun and moon rises to equal no others in the world, nothing can compare to the scenery on Lake Como that has made it a...

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